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About us

LRBS Franchise was launched in Switzerland under Self-Laser Revolution GmbH, which operates as LRBS Franchise outside Switzerland. Self-Laser Revolution GmbH continues to represent LRBS in the Swiss market.

Our franchise model offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a successful business under the LRBS brand. Our franchisees benefit from our expertise, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service.

We work hard to provide our franchisees with the necessary support, tools, and resources to build and grow their business. Our franchise concept allows for multiple revenue streams and offers significant margins, making it an attractive option for business owners seeking a profitable venture in the medical cosmetics industry.

We are proud to have established a growing network of franchise partners across Switzerland and beyond, and we are committed to expanding our reach even further. Our franchise model is designed to empower entrepreneurs, giving them the freedom and flexibility to run their own business while benefiting from our expertise and proven track record in the industry.

At LRBS, we are dedicated to helping our franchise partners succeed. We believe that our innovative technology, exceptional customer service, and commitment to excellence make us the leading brand in the medical cosmetics industry. Join us today and discover how LRBS Franchise can help you to achieve your goals and build a successful business that delivers real results.

We pave the way to your success

We Have the Power to Impact Your Future.

For the last ten years, we have served customers and built a network of clients who enjoy our top-class treatments and have become loyal recurrent clients.

We work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service and result-driven treatments while offering differentiated design concepts and a recurring revenue model. We look forward to engaging with you and discovering your passion.

Being an LRBS franchise owner is a dual leadership role, meaning that you own and operate a modern beauty studio with the latest technology in the industry. In addition, we assist and equip you with best business practices, training, and marketing.


Our exclusive technology is designed to provide a competitive edge to our partners, which is why it is only made available to them.
The technology is a result of years of research and development and has been thoroughly tested and optimized. It is a proprietary asset that we want to protect and make accessible only to those who are committed to our business.
By offering our exclusive technology only to partners, we aim to foster a close-knit relationship that promotes mutual growth and success.
We believe that our partners are instrumental in the growth and success of our business, and that is why we want to invest in them by providing them with access to our exclusive technology.

Our uniqueness

The key to our success and our uniqueness.  It’s the latest technology developed in Switzerland in the hair removal industry.

Developed by RB TECHNOLOGY Switzerland, it is distributed exclusively to our franchise partners, and with unparalleled advantages, our studios are unique, inimitable, and number one in the industry.


Highly effective and lasting results from the first session.
Shorter treatment time (20-30min) and session.
Faster results
Unique technology exclusively for our LBRS franchises.

and Excellence

Invest your time wisely and become part of a well-known Swiss brand.

Get to know us and become part of our LRBS family.


you dissatisfied with working as an employee, and would you like to start your own business?


you have doubts and need a safe way to great success?


you want to have control over your time and your life?


you want to work from anywhere, spend more time with your family and focus on your personal life but still have a fast-growing business and income?

Grow with us

The global cosmetics market is projected to grow from $287.94 billion in 2021
to $415.29 billion in 2028.

LBRS has extensive geographical coverage in Switzerland;
we are present in more than 40 medical cosmetic salons in 19 countries.
If you have a passion for beauty treatments and want to make money while helping others? Then, partner us and be a part of the next beauty revolution.

We Have the Technology to Impact Your Future.

LRBS is active in the beauty market with its premium range of medical-cosmetic treatments and makes beauty services compatible with the masses. For the first time, the LRBS brand also enables customers who are not so financially strong to have high-quality beauty services to perceive inexpensively.

Furthermore, LRBS helps independent entrepreneurs who act as franchisees of LRBS to participate in the economic success of the business concept as well as in innovative technologies and premium services by licensing the LRBS brand.

Our professional approach allows us to quickly identify and acquire suitable franchise partners and integrate them into our LRBS franchise system in the long term.

To succeed in franchising and to develop internationally based on a company culture that values entrepreneurship, solidarity, fairness and competence.

Our mission is to create individualized programs that meet the specific needs of each franchisee. We aim to empower business owners and entrepreneurs and make them the leaders of their own life.

We have successfully established our presence physically in more than 19 countries.

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